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Psychological consultations are a part of the PhD Mental Health project, conducted by the Polish National Association of Doctoral Candidates. More than 100 PhD candidates will be able to participate in individual, free-of-charge consultations with psychotherapists from the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Clinic of the SWPS University.

The consultations will be conducted online and each consultation meeting will last for 30 minutes. During that time, you can present your problems, and the therapist will provide you with answers and information about possible solutions, in accordance with his/her best knowledge.

It must be emphasized, that the (tele)consultations cannot substitute for psychotherapy* or a diagnosis that you can receive during an appointment with a psychiatrist. The consultation meetings are confidential, which means that the therapist is obligated to keep the subject of the meeting secret.

*Psychotherapy is a treatment method, following different principles than those adopted during the consultations meetings with psychologist-therapist (however, in both cases of intervention psychotherapists use scientifically proven methods of coping with stress). Not every problem requires psychotherapy. In some situations, even a short consultation meeting may be helpful.



To sign up for a teleconsultation, fill the form below with your actual personal information and choose one suitable date. Should there be no free dates left on the main list, you can sign up for one date on the reserve list.

Please note, that in the case of a registration for more than one date, your reservation will be canceled. The provision of false personal data will make the consultation impossible to conduct.

At the beginning of teleconsultation you will be asked to present your ID card / passport to verify your personal information.

In case of any questions, contact us at: poradnia(at)


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